Thoughts on… fashion. Thanks mom.

So, for the last few days, I’ve had some rather deep thoughts on my over arching love for all things fashion. Yep, fashion. I’m pretty much a lover of all things fashionable. I think that it really all comes from my mom and some of her friends.

My mom grew up in an era of wearing white gloves at college, to church, and so many other locales. She has always had a great sense of fashion and style and truly has been my personal stylist most of my life. Now granted, I think that at times my mom may think that I am a little too daring when it comes to my choice of color combinations, but hey, what else can you do – I love really bright colors! In my book orange, orange, orange, oh and maybe some purple generally never hurt.

Mom is a big fan of Elie Tahari, (hello to Mrs. Rori Tahari my high school classmate). Read as pretty much will wear the clothes of Mr. Tahari all day long if she can. They just work for her. She’s 4′ 11″ and super petite, so she is at the size where shopping is probably a joy more often than not. Except for shoes, having a very narrow foot does leave her looking for shoes at times, but she is an elite shopper. At 78 years young, she rocks it. When were in Paris a few years ago mom wanted to go everywhere in 4 inch heels, that’s all she generally wears anyway (“flats are for girls under 12” – yep, always loved that quote), anyway, after a day and a half of cobblestones I finally had to take her to a shoe store to by some kinda fashionable tennis shoes. Don’t get me wrong my mom does wear things other than heels, just not to anything but the grocery store or driving with the yard man to home depot, or maybe to pick up food from the local church for distribution to those in need. Anyway, she’s my style icon and I love her for it! Rock on momma.

I remember as a kid going with her and her mom shopping looking for a purse to match an outfit and hopefully finding some shoes too. Going to every store and back again, swapping this for that, until the right look was found for that special occasion. That is probably why now I enjoy shopping for clothes, doesn’t even have to be for me, I generally don’t shop as much as just buy for myself… that is another story.

So getting down to it, I think I have a jacket addiction – I guess I have a jacket for every occasion, but really, I think I have too much. I also just need to pair down my clothes closet. I seem to do it every season, and I really am not buying so much anymore, more classics – at least that is what I keep telling myself, oh and cool t-shirts from T Shirt Printing in Coventry too. So, I was in a no jeans for the year phase during 2011, and I pretty much stuck to that mantra until I arrived in Houston. Jeans just work in Texas. Yeah, I think it is just a Texas thing. I arrived in Houston in July 2011, and by August I was in my jeans like Flynn. Time to retire a few pairs of jeans to the second string to revive that 2011 mantra… we’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ve taken/gone shopping with many friends to assist them in their purchases. Mind you, I generally put the caveat out there that I’m not always the best at minding the budgets of others, but I’ll help you get the look you want – or at least what I think looks good on you.

The Sartorialist – Scott Schumann – I love his eye. I think that he has helped to awaken my eye and get me back to truly one of my loves – admiring fashion. . I’ve reawaken my love for cameras and capturing those precious moments in time. When I was in high school I was a semi professional photographer – I did have to go to school and all, but I did make some decent date money taking portraits, filming and videoing (my dad was my assistant and generally the videographer) weddings, and other photographic pursuits. It was fun and I truly enjoyed it and it allowed my creative juices to flow.

Ok, I’ve told several of my friends that I should have been an architect, maybe even an interior designer, or maybe a shoe designer (All I need is funding for my (J)ota (P)ei line – any backers?), but truly all of that is just a result of my love of fashion and the “eye” I guess I have for what I think just works. I’m not saying that everyone likes my look, but hey it works for me.

So what’s in the cards… I was thinking of maybe doing a little design work – interior maybe, a little style consulting, or who knows what the near term will hold. Either way, waiting on a call from someone, somewhere to do something. Actually, I’m not waiting on a call, but that air of longing was there for a moment… Ahh fashion.

Oh yeah, did I say that I love fashion… yeah I did! Ok, so now back to work…


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