Time to go home after a day of gambling at Harah’s Cherokee Casino with mom!

Woke up early this morning to ride the bus to North Carolina with momma and her friends on their annual casino trip. It was really a blast just hanging out and enjoying everyone. I’m happy that I was able to make it.

Time to ride back to the ATL!



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Well, this was my first rodeo!


This was my first rodeo, and I was totally loving it.

I went with Davi, Christy, and Sabrina.  Eventually meeting up with Jenn and Greg!

Americana at its best… fried oreos, mutton races, Brama Bulls, big belt buckles, big hats, and jeans, and I’m not just talking about what I was wearing.

Check out the podcast – chuck wagon races and John Legend, what more can you ask for.




So, really what more is there to say. It was great to visit and truly see my new “home.”

I went to Texas this past long weekend to attend my cousin Scott’s wedding. Scott married my new cousin Dameria. I wish both of them the very best and a lifetime of happiness together. Welcome to the family!

While in Texas I was able to see so many of my cousins, not all of them, but a big chunk of the Houston crowd. I stayed with my cousins Jennifer and Greg and their son Nathan took me around town to check out places to live and to just give me a lay of the land. I really appreciated Nate for taking me around the city, it was a great tour. I really like Houston, it definitely has so much more to offer than I would have ever imagined.

Also, while in Houston I was able to see my Aunt Grace – I so love my Aunt Grace, she connects me to my father and is a true connection for all of us as family. My mom stayed with Aunt Grace. It was great for them to be able to spend sometime together. They always have a great time. Momma really enjoyed herself, and always does, in Texas. I miss u already momma. See you in a few weeks!

My cousins all really made an effort to show me Houston. Hana, Lisa (congratulations to the newest JD in the family 🙂 It was great to hang out with them all – lounges, clubs, and other spots! Simone was there too, Nate’s sis.

Doug and I also got to hang out and saw the Hangover II, ridiculous. Doug, momma, and I also went to Galveston to check out the location of my new ship. Cool. We really spent a lot more time there than we had planned, as the base OOD turned out to be an old shipmate from my last unit. The OOD was called by the watch stander of my new ship- we were taking pictures on the pier in front of the ship, and I guess he thought we were terrorists! In the end the watch stander took pictures for us 😉 I wonder what he will think when I show up in two months – hmmm.

I also was able to check out my cousin’s church. Greg is a deacon at the church. Nathan and I went to the late service – 1 PM. Wow! Kinda cool time to go to church. That was the last service of the day, but it was packed. The guest pastor actually grew up in the church! How cool was that. His first sermon ever, he was only 26. Really great message too. I can’t wait to go back, hopefully he will guest preach more in the future. I wonder what the normal pastor is like. Also, I will have to check out some of their classes and groups when I get there.

Things to do… I need to get back involved with Habitat for Humanity. I really enjoyed working with them in the past. It was really great to help other and to be able to give back. I definitely need to do something – way more than what I am doing. I am also toying with the idea of going to flight school…hmm, I think that would be a fun thing to do over the next few years to work toward earning my pilots license. Just a thought for now.

Till next time.



Dylan, Aunt Grace, me, and Momma

First time at Okemo in Vermont

I have always loved Vermont and fortunately was able to go up this past weekend with my buddy Tony. We went to Okemo, first time for both of us, and we both liked it. Definitely a cool place and one of the largest places I have been to on the East Coast! Tony also broke out his helmet cam, pic below, and video coming soon. I have to get one of those! I’m in orange.


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A day with family in San Francisco and with Charlie Brown!

What a day… Mom and I started out the day being picked up
NY our cousins Joy and Margaret to head off to San Francisco for
breakfast at the Cliff House. The Cliff House is a historic
restaurant on a unique perch in San Francisco overlooking the
Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed a phenomenal breakfast with great service
and with even greater views. We arrived early and were fortunate to
get the best seat in the house. Just spending time with my mom and
family is truly something that I love – I can’t place a price on
being able to spend time with people that love and care about each
other. After leaving San Francisco, we drove across the San
Francisco bridge enroute to The Charles Shulz museum in Santa Rosa,
CA. This museum is the home of Charlie Brown and Snoopy! What an
awesome experience! I never knew this museum even existed – I wish
I had, and I now want to come back again in the future when the
next major exhibit opens. I really love the “Peanuts” and the comic
strip reminds me of sitting at home as a kid eating breakfast and
reading the morning newspaper and comics. It also reminded me of
the great cartoons that were on TV as a kid and are still on TV
now. Charles Shulz – thank you for your works, you are

They say it’s my birthday…

December 11th a date that will live in infamy…
Well, at least to my parents and myself.

I really enjoyed my birthday recently held in San Diego at Maloney’s bar. What great timing! It was a combination birthday and wetting down (for myself and 9 other officers from work). We rented out the bar, free drinks and food for almost 200 people and all beacause i need a loan from yahoo finance on my credit card. Yeah, frequent flyer miles!

I can reflect on the days and years of my life with joy for all of the great people that I have been fortunate to have interactions with. It has been a journey and I look forward to the road ahead! Let’s go.

I received several birthday cards and tons of wishes on Facebook and they all combined to make the day special.

It was also fortunate that my buddy Karl and his wife were able to attend too.

Thank you to everyone.