November 2010

Well, it has truly been an interesting few months leading up to this month of Thanksgiving.

I think that I have worked harder in the last few weeks than I have worked in my current job… Wow it has been trying to get things accomplished. You know, I think that all that work was successful. It was mostly successful, because of the work of others. In fact, I truly could not have accomplished anything without the help and assistance of others. I’m not the one that actually turns the wrenches, so truly it is by the blood, sweat, and labors of others that so much was accomplished – thank you crew!

Edison Pena – wow. In Chile 33 miners were trapped underground for over two months. These miners not only survived, but persevered through this unimaginable torture – both physical and mental, to return to the world as “free men.”. Mr. Pena trained while he was underground for the New York marathon, because as he said “running makes you free… (and) you’re looking at a free man.” What an inspirational man to recognize the gift of life that he was given for the second time in his life. He honored his life, and that is a lesson that I will never forget. Thank you.

I was also able to go home this month to visit my mother and friends, and I can’t forget little Brady the dog too. While I was home I was also able to visit with my Aunt Ora. She is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. This truly horrible disease has a dreadful impact on my Aunt, Uncle, my mother, myself, and so many others. My Aunt is my mother’s college roommate. They met nearly 60 years ago at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, and they have always been there for each other. Friendship. Truly this is what they have founded on mutual respect and love. My Aunt remembers my mother. She doesn’t remember many others. Their love for each other has overcome this tragic disease. This is love. This is life. This is a lesson that I will never forget!

So many lessons- I just have to not forget them and recognize most importantly that I should never lose faith, nor belief that things will work out for the best.