My response…

Below is my response that I wrote to a friend ranting about men and relationships.

Just had to do it!

Hey Yolonda!
I’ll chime in my two cents… From the sensitive guy perspective.

I’ve been married (would love to do it again) and I have loved, I’ve had my heart broken (more recently than I would care to deal with currently), and I know that unfortunately I have broken hearts too.
Love and heck, even strong like, is great, it is one of the things that makes us human.
Love is out there somewhere, can’t tell you where- wish I knew!

You are great, in fact you are awesome, you are nice, and like me you deserve someone that deserves you!

I don’t think you should compromise on what you want or need, in anyway- you are too special for that.

I haven’t given up the ghost yet and I will get back on that horse and ride again (so will you), cuz that’s just what strong people do. We get up and try again, and again, and again.
Success will come I hope for both of us, but until then you have to keep trying (and I will too). We strong people can’t just stop.
I haven’t known you as long as most, but you are super strong and damnit I can’t let you give up, because if you do then I should too!

Love is great though, you know it is! I do too, and so does everyone else too- that is why we seek it out. That is why it drives us to seek it out for ourselves. It really does complete us!

(Drops mike, walks off the stage…)