My response…

Below is my response that I wrote to a friend ranting about men and relationships.

Just had to do it!

Hey Yolonda!
I’ll chime in my two cents… From the sensitive guy perspective.

I’ve been married (would love to do it again) and I have loved, I’ve had my heart broken (more recently than I would care to deal with currently), and I know that unfortunately I have broken hearts too.
Love and heck, even strong like, is great, it is one of the things that makes us human.
Love is out there somewhere, can’t tell you where- wish I knew!

You are great, in fact you are awesome, you are nice, and like me you deserve someone that deserves you!

I don’t think you should compromise on what you want or need, in anyway- you are too special for that.

I haven’t given up the ghost yet and I will get back on that horse and ride again (so will you), cuz that’s just what strong people do. We get up and try again, and again, and again.
Success will come I hope for both of us, but until then you have to keep trying (and I will too). We strong people can’t just stop.
I haven’t known you as long as most, but you are super strong and damnit I can’t let you give up, because if you do then I should too!

Love is great though, you know it is! I do too, and so does everyone else too- that is why we seek it out. That is why it drives us to seek it out for ourselves. It really does complete us!

(Drops mike, walks off the stage…)


You got lucky!

You know i totally forgot about this great Tom Petty song, but the lyrics are truly powerful!

“You got lucky”

“You got lucky”

You better watch what you say.
You better watch what you do to me.
Don’t get carried away.
Girl, if you can do better than me, go…
Yeah, go…but, remember…

Good love is hard to find.
Good love is hard to find.
You got lucky, babe.
You got lucky, babe, when I found you.

You put a hand on my cheek,
And then you turned your eyes away.
If you don’t feel complete,
If I don’t take you all of the way then go…
Yeah, go…but, remember…


Just saying!


International Human Solidarity Day


“In a world of common challenges, no nation can succeed on its own; but by working together in common cause, we can build a safer, more prosperous future for all. Solidarity must be the foundation for global solutions.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for International Human Solidarity Day
20 December 2011

What do people do?

On International Human Solidarity Day, governments are reminded of their commitments to international agreements on the need for human solidarity as an initiative to fight against poverty. People are encouraged to debate on ways to promote solidarity and find innovative methods to help eradicate poverty.

Activities may include promoting campaigns on issues such as:

  • Banning land mines.
  • Making health and medication accessible to those in need.
  • Relief efforts to help those who suffered the effects of natural or human-made disasters.
  • Achieving universal education.
  • Fighting against poverty, corruption and terrorism.

The day is promoted through all forms of media including magazine articles, speeches at official events, and web blogs from groups, individuals or organizations committed to universal solidarity.

Public life

International Human Solidarity Day is a global observance and not a public holiday.


Solidarity refers to a union of interests, purposes or sympathies among members of a group. In the Millennium Declaration world leaders agreed that solidarity was a value that was important to international relations in the 21st century. In light of globalization and growing inequality, the UN realized that strong international solidarity and cooperation was needed to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. The UN was founded on the idea unity and harmony via the concept of collective security that relies on its members’ solidarity to unite for international peace and security.

On December 22, 2005, the UN General Assembly proclaimed that International Solidarity Day would take place on December 20 each year. The event aimed to raise people’s awareness of the importance of advancing the international development agenda and promoting global understanding of the value of human solidarity. The assembly felt that the promotion of a culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing was important in combating poverty.


The UN emblem may be found in material promoting International Human Solidarity Day. The emblem consists of a projection of the globe centered on the North Pole. It depicts all continents except Antarctica and four concentric circles representing degrees of latitude. The projection is surrounded by images of olive branches, representing peace. The emblem is often blue, although it is printed in white on a blue background on the UN flag.