They say it’s my birthday…

December 11th a date that will live in infamy…
Well, at least to my parents and myself.

I really enjoyed my birthday recently held in San Diego at Maloney’s bar. What great timing! It was a combination birthday and wetting down (for myself and 9 other officers from work). We rented out the bar, free drinks and food for almost 200 people and all beacause i need a loan from yahoo finance on my credit card. Yeah, frequent flyer miles!

I can reflect on the days and years of my life with joy for all of the great people that I have been fortunate to have interactions with. It has been a journey and I look forward to the road ahead! Let’s go.

I received several birthday cards and tons of wishes on Facebook and they all combined to make the day special.

It was also fortunate that my buddy Karl and his wife were able to attend too.

Thank you to everyone.