Some things I’ve learned…

What you look for in a woman really shifts over the years.  When you are young it is all about the pretty.  When you’re older character is everything – depth.   Not discounting the pretty though.

A beautiful ass is a joy forever.

I am a gEEk.

It’s ok to be yourself.

“fuck ’em”

A milk shake can cure most ills.

We haven’t run out of new ideas yet.

I miss my dad.

I really relate to the song “Rocket Man,” leaving home and all for work.

Forgiveness isn’t practiced enough.

The most important words are “please” and “thank you.”

Not everyone over 50 can read.

Respect is communication.

I’ve been described as weird and I’m comfortable with that description.

Success starts in your mind.

You don’t have to agree with me.

Older people have a freedom to say truly anything.



It’s okay to cry.

Things are not so bad.




So where to now…

Well, it has been a weekend!

I feel like I have been journeying on this trip they call life for a long time. A lifetime to be exact 🙂

I’ve come to a crossroads of sorts in that I am trying to live up to the man that I have always wanted to be and imagine myself to be. Am I traveling down the right path in life? Am I doing the right things? Am I living up to the ideals that my parents, and God would expect!


So, where to now… where does this road I am on go?