First time at Okemo in Vermont

I have always loved Vermont and fortunately was able to go up this past weekend with my buddy Tony. We went to Okemo, first time for both of us, and we both liked it. Definitely a cool place and one of the largest places I have been to on the East Coast! Tony also broke out his helmet cam, pic below, and video coming soon. I have to get one of those! I’m in orange.


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On the road again… Snowmass Colorado part 2

On the road again… Snowmass Colorado

Well, here I am on the road again. I have spent the last week with the National Brotherhood of Skiers in Colorado for the annual Summit which is being held in Snowmass, CO.

It has been an awesome week of snowboarding, meeting new people, partying, and just plain having a great time!! I highly recommend any trip organized by a local chapter of the National Brotherhood of Skiers. There were a total of roughly 1200 people of African decent, including a large club from London.

I came on this trip as a member of the “Black Ski” club out of Washington, DC.

The club brought with it roughly 40 members, plus another maybe 60 or so that met us here in Snowmass. I chose to ride with the group – definitely a good deal.

While on this trip, I had 2 roommates, neither of whom I had met before, but awesome guys- James and Preston. We all had a blast, worked our bits on the slopes, and parties them off at our favorite spot “Liquid Sky.” All this with only one table broken in the process- ok, I guess that was partially my fault 😉

I also competed in my first snowboarding race – definitely cool. Not truly sure how I placed, but I had fun and reduced my time on the second run by a second and half!! Most importantly, by racing I earned points to let our team win the team competition.

Anyway, I will take away some great memories, which I thought I would share. Oh yes, and truly awesome my friend Courtney Scott was here. Our mothers grew up together, and so did we- almost the same distance apart even after our mothers moved to the big city of Atlanta.

Oh yeah, and there was also this guy Dan who wore a Kilt and telemark skied everyday – he wasn’t with us, but cool nonethe less.

Where to next?? Who knows??